The former terminal of Louis Armstrong International Airport located on the south side of the airfield; it closed in November 2019. The terminal contains two sections, East and West, which are connected by a central ticketing alley. Four concourses, A, B, C, and D, terminals are attached, and it had a total of 47 gates.

Concourse Aopened in 1974 and had six gates. Most recently, home to Northwest Airlines and U.S. Airways, first, this concourse was closed.

Concourse Bhad 11 gatesopened in 1974.

Concourse Copened on March 18, 1992, in 2007 according to a design by Manning Architects, it was remodeled, after being damaged in a tornado the previous February. Concourse C has 15 gates.

Concourse Dopened on December 23, 1996. Concourse D had 12 operating gates at the time of closure.

New terminal map

New terminal

A terminal which is the brand-new world-class at the Louis Armstrong International Airport (M S Y ) opened in November 2019.

What new additions cat you expect at MSY's new terminal?

For the passengers, A new terminal equipped with some new features made travel quicker, safer, and enjoyable. Consolidated security checkpoint stretches 17 laned wide, that is a crucial difference with the new terminal. Also, it has additional space, and security will allow passengers to make it to their gates quicker.

Terminal has separated space departures, and arrivals will reduce congestion for flyers and their families

A new fun addition is an area dubbed "The Jazz Garden" Located in the centralized baggage area, Thr Jazz Garden will serve as visitors' official welcome to the City with live jazz music and entertainment throughout the day.