Airport Information and assistance

The Customer Service Department retains items that have lost in the public places of the Airport terminal (except for the concourse checkpoints, they achieved by the Transportation Security Administration or TSA). The office located on the top level in the Concourse Chole near the Airport Police. The office of Lost and Found is open Monday through Friday, 5 p.m. until 8 a.m. You can contact them at (504) 303-7790. Items kept for one year that has turned in to Lost and Found. The Airport is not responsible for charges that are incurred by shipping lost items to the rightful owner.

Financial Services

ATMs located throughout the terminal, post, and pre-security.

Charging Places

There are numerous locations throughout the area (pre and post-security) for you to plug in and charge your phone, tablet, or another mobile accessory. Sixty percent of all the gate hold seating has outlets, and most room of restaurants creates outlets as well.

Mail Center

Post Office (for dropoffs only):

Ticket Lobby near the Concourse B Lobby. Stamps are available at news & gifts and present shop.

Drop-of boxes for uPs: FedEx:

On level 2 of the terminal, in concourse A/ B Lobby near the post office.

Pets in a kennel are not allowed inside the terminal complex.

Where to eat and drink at New Orleans International Airport

The new brand Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport offers different places to dine. It has over twenty new dining options. To get a beignet fix on arrival or departure, travelers can taste Creole cuisine, sip on classic New Orleans cocktails. There are many different great places to eat or drink for example The Munch Factory, Café du Monde, Mondo, Folse Market(which offers seafood), Dook's, Angelo Brocato, Midway Pizza, P.J.'s Coffee


We recommend you not leave the terminal unless you take a little piece of New Orleans home with you. Dirty Coast, Fleurty Girl, and NOLA Couture are the go-to places for a one-of-a-kind, Nola-inspired t-shirt, bow tie, home decor item, or souvenir. For more information on where to dine, shop, and relax at the new terminal.